Why Choose LMRC?

If you envision yourself successful in a caregiving career as registered nurse or radiographer, LMRC is the place to start.  Our graduates can be found worldwide pursuing gratifying healthcare careers in the service of communities and individuals everywhere, in all aspects of nursing and radiography specialties. 

Achieve your dreams.  Come start your journey with us. 

Explore what makes LMRC special…

Our longevity

LMRC continues to provide excellence in education since first opening in 1924 as the Lawrence Memorial Hospital School of Nursing diploma program.

Our education partner

In partnership with Regis College (Weston, MA) since 1998, our students can continue seamlessly to earn advanced degrees in nursing or radiography — as far as their aspirations drive them.

Our programs

Our Nursing and Radiography Associate Degree programs offer a unique blend of classroom and clinical experience, expert faculty and dynamic curricula. Graduates of these associate degree programs qualify to take the national examination for licensure as registered nurses or radiographers.  Our partnership with Regis College (Weston, MA) enables seamless transition to completing your Bachelors Degree in Nursing or Medical Imaging, as well as advanced degree programs.

Our Continuing Studies offers a certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for licensed radiologic technologists, taught by LMRC faculty and certificates awarded by MelroseWakefield Healthcare of Tufts Medicine.

Our effectiveness

The effectiveness of our programs meets or exceeds the rigors set by the accrediting and regulatory bodies by which we are governed.  The success of our graduates is a testament to the high caliber of our students and the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff.

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Our affordability

Our tuition is less than that of a typical full-time college or university because our students pay for courses by the number of credits — NOT by the full-semester tuition.  Financial aid and scholarships are also available.

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Our student community

Students come here because of LMRC’s reputation as an exceptional school.  Most hear about LMRC from a family member, colleague or friend who has graduated.  Our students come from all walks of life, span in age from 19 to late-50’s and commute from near and far — some from neighboring states and most from local cities and towns.  They learn together, grow together and improve LMRC through student leadership pursuits.

The bonds students make at LMRC last a lifetime.

Our faculty

Over 40% of our faculty graduated from our programs!  Their caregiving expands beyond the nursing units and imaging suites to the classroom to teach, guide, coach and inspire future nurses and radiographers.  They model how professional nurses and radiologic technologists conduct themselves in healthcare settings, and their value of lifelong learning and growth — all our faculty have an advanced degree and many have earned Doctor of Nursing Practice or are in process.

Learning is lifelong, caring is lifelong.

Our staff

Our small, close-knit staff gets to know each and every student and works to support and guide them to the best of their abilities every single day:  Bursar, Financial Aid Administrator, Data Administrator, Admissions Coordinator, Registrar — all located in our “Hallway of Help”.

Come visit our “Hallway of Help”.  If someone’s not in their office, they’re just a phone call or email away.

Our resources

On our Medford, MA campus, LMRC strives to provide student-centered learning environments:  classrooms (some spacious, some cozy); 24/7 computer labs; group and individual study spaces; library; simulation labs; and food services.

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Our location

Lawrence Memorial/Regis College is conveniently located off Route 93 in Medford, Massachusetts, 7 miles north of downtown Boston. 

Our clinical affiliations

Our Nursing and Radiography students are experientially empowered by LMRC’s clinical affiliations at a broad array of metropolitan Boston-area healthcare providers, including major teaching hospitals and respected regional hospitals, community sites and home care providers.

Nursing Program affiliations

  • Beverly Hospital (Beverly, MA)
  • Boston Medical Center (Boston, MA)
  • Charles River Recovery (Newton, MA)
  • Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington, MA)
  • Lawrence Memorial Hospital (Medford, MA)
  • Lawrence General Hospital (Lawrence, MA)
  • Lowell General Hospital (Lowell, MA)
  • MelroseWakefield Hospital (Melrose, MA)
  • Mount Auburn Hospital (Cambridge, MA)
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (Boston, MA)
  • Tufts Medical Center (Boston, MA)
  • Winchester Hospital (Winchester, MA)

Radiography Program affiliations

  • Boston Children’s Hospital (Boston, MA)
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – East and West Campuses (Boston, MA)
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA)
  • Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington, MA)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA
  • MelroseWakefield Hospital (Melrose, MA)
  • Mount Auburn Hospital (Cambridge, MA)
  • Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center (Boston, MA)
  • Tufts Medical Center (Boston, MA)

Our accreditations & memberships

LMRC adheres to rigorous regulations and scrutiny by the governing bodies who oversee and assure excellence in the education of future radiologic technologists and nurses.

Our 100-year history

wdt_ID Year Event
1 1924 Lawrence Memorial Hospital opens its doors, followed by the School of Nursing that same year.  
2 1990s Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) and its School of Nursing became part of the Hallmark Health system, along with MelroseWakefield Hospital.
3 1998 Lawrence Memorial Hospital School of Nursing partners with Regis College (Weston, MA) to become Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing and Radiography Programs (LMRC). 
4 2014 Wellforce is founded.
5 2017 Hallmark Health becomes part of Wellforce.
6 2018 Hallmark Health changes its name to MelroseWakefield Healthcare.
7 2021 Wellforce changes its name to Tufts Medicine.

Our enthusiasm, energy and commitment

Experience and explore LMRC and all we have to offer the aspiring nurse or radiographer.