Student Services

Your LMRC Student Services Team includes

  • Director, Student & Alumni Services
  • Bursar
  • Enrollment Advisor/Registrar
  • Financial Aid Administrator
  • Media Specialist/Tufts Medicine IT Liaison
  • Data Administrator
  • Health Records Administrator
  • Admissions Coordinator

The Team helps prospects/applicants/students navigate their way from application to graduation. The team prides itself on delivering high quality, individualized, responsive and respectful customer service.

In addition to providing services that align with their position titles, the Team also works with other staff and faculty in facilitating a wide range of support and services.

Orientation for new students

Everyone at LMRC has been a new student at one or more points in their lives and understand how overwhelming that can be — we “get” you.

The week before classes begin, all new students are required to attend orientation sessions at LMRC to learn a wealth of knowledge designed with your success in mind:

  • Introduction to your Program
  • Campus tours
  • Panel Q & A with current students
  • Walk-throughs by faculty of online success tools
  • Casual drop-in meet ‘n greets
  • Optional sessions all are encouraged to attend to totally be ready for Day 1.  Past sessions have included:
    • Getting Ready for the Dimensional Analysis Exam
    • How to Take Effective Notes
    • Critical Thinking Skills for Nursing and How to Apply CT Skills When Taking an Exam
    • Fun with Simulation in LMRC’s ICU Lab

Academic advising

When you first enter your program, the Enrollment Advisor/Registrar works with you to outline a Personal Progression Plan to translate the course requirements you must fulfill onto a suggested timeline.

From there, you are then assigned a faculty advisor who is your go-to resource to clarify, direct and support you along your pathway to graduation. You will connect with your advisor at least once a semester to help you stay on track with your Personal Progression Plan.

Course registration

All LMRC students register for courses through LMRC’s Registrar/Enrollment Advisor — NEVER, ever through Regis College directly and only when prompted by the LMRC Registrar via email.

Disability Services/Learning Accommodations

If you have a documented disability (or think you may have a disability of any nature) and, as a result, need reasonable academic accommodation to participate in class, take tests, or benefit from the Program’s services, then please contact the Director of Student & Alumni Services to arrange a meeting to explore your needs either prior to the semester’s start or very soon thereafter.

To prepare for the meeting, please review How to Request Learning Accommodations, which offers background information and explains which forms you must complete.

Academic coaching

Students in need of academic coaching are encouraged to seek assistance from their faculty members and also to visit the Center for Academic Support (CAS).

At the CAS, students can meet individually with the CAS Coordinator or with a qualified peer coach for recommendations based on their unique needs.

Group sessions are available throughout the semester to work on academic skill and strategies such as staying organized, taking notes and taking exams.


LMRC Student Services Team members are trained to listen, keep information confidential and help you find the resources you need to help you manage life stressors that may be impacting your overall health and well-being as you progress through your program.

We know that some of our students may be struggling with personal issues beyond the classroom that may impact their learning. All LMRC students are eligible to take advantage of the Counseling Services at the Regis College, Weston (MA) Campus.

For an emergency situation needing immediate attention, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

The Caring Cupboard

Food insecurity is touching more and more people these days, including those in our LMRC Community.  Anyone in our community can take advantage of the following resources:

  • The Caring Cupboard – snacks and other food items (maintained by members of the Student Services Team and funded by donations from faculty and staff and caring others.
  • Food bag distribution – The Community Benefits Department of MelroseWakefield Healthcare delivers Food Bags that we distribute to students who may have a need. The bags are 25 lbs. of canned goods, some fresh vegetables, and other non-perishable items.  For more information, please email LMRC’s Director of Student & Alumni Services

Health services

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Urgent Care is located right next to LMRC (Medford, MA).

The Regis College Center for Health and Wellness is located on the Regis College campus (Weston, MA).


Health Insurance

All students are required to be covered by a health insurance plan.  Those covered by their own plan must submit proof of coverage to the LMRC Bursar in order to waive the coverage available through LMRC.  Those not covered by their own plan must enroll in the plan available through LMRC prior to starting classes.

Liability Insurance

Students acting within the scope of their duties are protected under a professional liability insurance policy.