As an LMRC student, you will be automatically registered for the courses in your Program (Radiography or Nursing) BUT you will need to register for your non-radiography or non-nursing courses.

NEVER register for ANY courses directly through Regis College. 
At registration time, ALWAYS follow the specific instructions emailed to you by LMRC’s Enrollment Advisor/Registrar.

Registration FAQs

For non-nursing and non-radiography classes:

  • fall and summer registration opens in April
  • winter and spring registration opens in November.  

Pre-registering for courses is not an option. 


As an LMRC Associate Degree student, you never, ever, ever
register for courses directly with Regis.
You ALWAYS register thru LMRC.

Katie Klucevsek, LMRC Enrollment Advisor/Registrar, sends you an email to let you know when you can register for your Associate Degree courses with her and exactly how. 

NU-404 is offered only in the summer and winter semesters. Email Katie Klucevsek at and Katie will let you know when to register and exactly how.

Once you have taken/passed the prerequisite courses, the LMRC Admissions team notifies you when you are cleared to begin your first requisite Nursing or Radiography class. Generally, seat offers are made in March or April for Fall semester (Nursing and Radiography) and October or November for Spring semester (Nursing only).

Visit your LMRC Student Portal to see the requisite Nursing or Radiography courses you have taken toward your Associate Degree. You can also look at the Regis Hub — be aware that it only captures any prerequisite or co-requisite courses you have taken or are enrolled in with Regis.

The curriculum plan listing the courses you may need to take (depending on your program and credits transferred) and course descriptions are at:

We only accept official transcripts via these methods: 

  • The institution emails it directly to (do not have it emailed to you first – it must be emailed directly to us for it to be official) 
  • The institution mails the official transcript directly to LMRC Registrar, 170 Governors Avenue Medford, MA 02155 (note that this can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to get to us so is not recommended if you need your records updated quickly)  
  • You pick up the sealed official transcript at the institution and hand-deliver to a member of the Student Services Team or deposit it in the black drop-box located on the outside of the building between the double doors.

Refer to your Personal Progression Plan for guidelines on what is considered a manageable workload for your Program (Nursing or Radiography).

Please refer to the Student Handbook for your program (Nursing or Radiography) to find out the passing grades. 

Please refer to the Student Handbook for your program (Nursing or Radiography) for specific details about conditions under which you can repeat the course or must re-apply.

For a course being taken with Regis College, please refer to their Add/Drop timeline and policies.  Be aware that: 

  • If the course you want to drop is prerequisite to a course you want to take the following semester, you will not be able to take that next course. 
  • If the course you want to drop is co-requisite to another course you are taking (so at the same time), you cannot drop just one of the courses – you would need to drop both.

To drop a requisite Nursing or Radiography course you are taking with LMRC, please refer to our Add/Drop timeline and policies or reach out to Director of Student and Alumni Services Colleen Walsh at 781-306-6645 or

The LMRC Student Portal is at If you tried to log in and are locked out, please reach out to

You are eligible to apply to the RN-to-BSN program after successfully completing NU-102. Learn more about the program

Then, reach out to Hillary Trischitta, Assistant Director of Enrollment & Advising, Professional Studies: or schedule an appointment with her directly:  

Reach out to Gary L’Abbe Jr., Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging, NM Clinical Coordinator & Program Director BS-Comp Medical Imaging at or 781-768-7549.