We at Lawrence Memorial/Regis College are a community of individuals working toward the greater good — educating the next generation of nurses and radiologic technologists.

Our values and culture

We endeavor to educate practitioners we would be proud of and confident about their abilities to provide exceptional care.  Commitment, compassion and caring drive us to instill excellence in ourselves as faculty and staff and in our students.


At LMRC we often have opportunities for full-time faculty (course lecturers, leads and coordinators), clinical adjunct faculty and staff.

Explore our current career opportunities!

As part of the Tufts Medicine system, LMRC is proud to be able to offer direction to the wide array of opportunities available at its many entities. Learn more…


Lawrence Memorial/Regis College offers a wide array of benefits through our parent company, MelroseWakefield Healthcare.  Through MWHC, “our employees receive competitive salaries and a generous benefits program that includes options for medical, dental and vision insurance and matched contributions to your retirement plan.”  A host of additional benefit choices round out the complete package. Find out more about employee benefits

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