Learning Resources

As a student you will be required to own and bring with you certain technology resources and each semester purchase certain learning resources required by your course.

You will also be issued two network accounts so you can access appropriate learning resources on the two entirely separate networks that LMRC uses:

  • Regis College
  • Tufts Medicine.

Also, LMRC’s physical spaces offer diverse learning resources: simulation labs, numerous study spaces, classrooms, our library and the Center for Academic Support. Learn more about our Campus Facilities…

REQUIRED technology resources

Entering the Nursing or Radiography program, you must already own certain technology resources:

  • Smartphone:  Required to authenticate your identity for secure access to online resources; to look up medications in an online mobile database; and more.  Your faculty guides you in the proper use of smartphones in class, clinical and exams.
  • Windows 10+ laptop or MacBook (no iPads or Chromebooks, as those devices do not support software required for online testing): Essentially, the device must enable you participate in online meetings and be seen (video) and heard (audio), as you will take part in online meetings in many forms while at LMRC:  lectures; advisor meetings; coaching and academic skills brush-up sessions; study groups; etc.
  • Printer: No student printing services are available on LMRC’s campus. Most printed handouts are supplied by LMRC but anything you desire to print for yourself, it’s ideal to have access to a printer (home; public library; etc.).

REQUIRED program-specific resources

Prior to the semester’s start, you’ll receive specific instructions from Student Services and/or your faculty about how to make these required purchases:

  • Books and/or electronic resources to purchase, from which vendor(s), by when and how (i.e., required product bundle; special LMRC discount code; etc.).
  • Uniform and accessories
  • Other resources as required

Regis College cloud user account credentials

Shortly after you are accepted to Lawrence Memorial/Regis College, you receive — to your personal email — credentials from Regis College Information Technology Systems (ITS).  Once activated, you use your credentials to access many Regis resources via their website.

In your LMRC courses, you’ll be primarily using your Regis College Office365 to do at least these essential tasks:

  • Send/receive email (via Regis College email)
  • Create documents (via Microsoft Office apps)
  • Store and share documents (via OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams or other methods as your course requires)

You will also use Regis College’s Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to access course content (syllabi; calendars; announcements; documents), take quizzes and exams, complete assignments, etc.  Once you are rostered for a course at LMRC, your course becomes visible on your Regis College Moodle dashboard about two weeks prior to when your course begins.

Lawrence Memorial local user account credentials (through Tufts Medicine)

You will use your Regis College account primarily for all your day-to-day learning resource access and communication with LMRC faculty and staff.

You will also be issued a Lawrence Memorial local user account credentials, sent by your LMRC Onboarding Sponsor to your personal email during the LMRC Onboarding process, which occurs throughout the month before you start your first Nursing or Radiography course.

You will use your Lawrence Memorial account to

  • log onto computers on our Medford campus or when assigned to MelroseWakefield Hospital as a clinical site
  • log onto Tufts Medicine’s EPIC Electronic Health Records (EHR) System ONLY as authorized by faculty when you are assigned to a clinical experience at a Tufts Medicine hospital or provider.

Additional learning resources

Our Campus Facilities offer diverse learning resources at various locations for both the Nursing and Radiography programs.