Radiography Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2024-2025


  • Radiography Year I: $31,440
  • Radiography Year II: $23,485
  • A minimum of two non-radiography courses (at Regis College): cost dependent on number of credits and cost per credit


*Tuition discount and/or reimbursement may apply

**The LMRC Registrar and your faculty academic advisor will advise you on placement of non-radiography courses in your program schedule so you can plan expenses.

Worksheet:  Estimating your out-of-pocket balance

For those eligible for financial aid, use this worksheet after you are awarded financial aid to estimate how much tuition you will need to pay out-of-pocket:
Estimating Your Out-of-Pocket Balance – A Worksheet (Radiography Program)

Billing & refunds

LMRC is committed to billing you well ahead of the semester’s start so you can be informed and plan accordingly.  Your bill — and if applicable, your financial aid award — appears in your student portal (account assigned you by the LMRC Registrar when you are accepted). Payment for all enrolled courses is due PRIOR to the start of each semester.

If you withdraw from the program, certain payments are refundable to you depending on the exact timing and circumstances of your withdrawal.

For more details:  Billing & Refunds

Terms & conditions

Tuition, fees and other charges are subject to change. Changes are communicated here and through other methods to enrolled students in a timely way.


Please email any questions to the Bursar at