Policies & Handbooks

Lawrence Memorial/Regis College strives to make clear its policies in an accessible, user-friendly way via its Handbooks.

Questions? Please contact us with any questions regarding the Handbooks or the policies contained therein.

Disclaimer:  Information contained in the handbooks can change at any time.  Updated handbooks will be posted here and enrolled students will be informed by their faculty of the update.

Student Grievance and Complaint Process

Lawrence Memorial/Regis College encourages students who have a complaint or grievance to first follow processes internal to LMRC to enable a resolution.

Resolving a grievance or complaint through LMRC

Please see the Student Handbook for your program to learn the applicable grievance policy/process.

Resolving a grievance or complaint through the State of Massachusetts

If you have followed LMRC’s internal policy/process for resolving a grievance/complaint and the issue has not been resolved, you may elect to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (MDHE).

For more information on how to send a complaint to MDHE, visit the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Student Complaint page or contact:
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
One Ashburton Place, Suite 1401
Boston, MA 02108-1696

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

Please note that information on the state website may change without LMRC’s knowledge.