Billing & Refunds

The LMRC Bursar’s Office strives to ensure you — the student — are clearly informed of payments due well in advance of due dates and works with you to ensure you can meet your financial obligations to LMRC.

Student financial responsibilities

You as the student are responsible to:

  • read billing/payment information posted in the student portal or emailed to you by the Bursar’s Office and if unclear about any of it, you reach out to the Bursar with questions
  • pro-actively work with the Bursar well ahead of payment due date if you anticipate any delay in paying
  • realize that if you were accepted late to the program — after the published bill due dates for that semester — you receive two (2) weeks to pay your balance or arrange a monthly payment plan
  • understand that you will not be considered enrolled in the program each semester or summer session until payment is made
  • understand you can set up a monthly payment plan each semester if you cannot pay your tuition in full
  • recognize that, if receiving financial aid, you must
    • accept or decline the award by the deadline communicated to you by the Financial Aid Administrator
    • pay any remaining balance not covered by financial aid
  • understand that you cannot graduate from the program until your balance with LMRC is zero.

When you will be billed

Prior to each semester/summer session in which you are enrolled, you are notified when your bill for tuition and fees is posted on LMRC’s Jenzabar student portal (

Potential impacts of having an outstanding balance

If you have an outstanding balance, you could be impacted in these ways:

  • Withheld grades, transcripts and diplomas
  • Blocked from future course registration
  • Assessed a late fee
  • Dropped from class and/or clinical
  • Be referred to a collections agency and possibly reported to credit bureaus.  In addition to paying the outstanding balance, you may be held liable for collections costs and any legal fees incurred by LMRC during the collections process.

If you withdraw from the program and have an outstanding balance, payment is due 30 days after your withdrawal date.

Returned check fee

$ 25.00 per returned check (electronic or paper), two checks maximum after which you can no longer try to pay by check.

To resolve your outstanding balance without using a personal check, you can pay using one or more of these methods:

  1. Use cash: Pay in person at the LMRC Bursar’s office.  Never ever mail cash.
  2. Use a bank cashier’s check:  Pay either in person at the LMRC Bursar’s office or mail to LMRC Bursar.
  3. Use a money order:  Pay either in person at the LMRC Bursar’s office or mail to LMRC Bursar.

When mailing a bank cashier’s check or money order, include your identifying information (name, address, phone number) so the payment can be properly credited to your account without delay.

Billing discrepancies

Review your bill immediately after receiving it and very carefully to ensure it is correct to your understanding.

If you see any discrepancy in your bill, you must do two things:

  1. pay the undisputed part of the bill to avoid being charged late fees and potential impacts of having an outstanding balance
  2. alert the LMRC Bursar immediately via email about the part of the bill you want to dispute (you have up to two months after semester end to alert the Bursar about the dispute):
    • In the SUBJECT line of the email put “Billing discrepancy”
    • In the message include your name, permanent home address, primary phone number, the dollar amount in question and any other information you believe helps explain the discrepancy.

Refunds for those who withdraw

If you withdraw, you will be sent a Program Exit checklist.  Once all items on the checklist are resolved, the LMRC Bursar’s office will inform you of any refund of tuition and/or fees for which you are eligible.

Non-refundable fees

  • Comprehensive
  • NSNA
  • Criminal background check
  • Validation testing

Refundable fees

  • Program pin
  • Graduation-related
  • NCLEX-RN (Nursing) review course