Admissions Deadline & Selection Process

Application deadline

The good news: LMRC does not have a set deadline to apply to either the Nursing or Radiography program — referred to as a “rolling admissions” process! 

That said, please keep in mind that if you have decided LMRC is the place for you, do not delay in submitting your application, as each program accepts a limited number of applicants.

  • Nursing program:  Starts new students TWICE a year – in late August and in early January.
  • Radiography program:  Starts new students ONCE a year in late August.

Application review & selection process

LMRC’s Admissions & Progression (A&P) Committee reviews your completed Admissions Packet.

IMPORTANT:  Your application is reviewed ONLY if your Admissions Packet is complete.

LMRC’s Admissions & Progression (A&P) Committee makes its decision.

You will receive a decision letter via email that informs you if you are
  • Accepted as a student into the program (Nursing or Radiography) and division (Nursing program only) to which you have applied.
  • Accepted as a non-matriculating student in the program to which you have applied, meaning that LMRC sees a place for you in the program but requires you take two (2) non-nursing or non-radiography courses through Regis College to strengthen your candidacy.  Once you pass the courses, LMRC Admissions & Progression Committee will confer to re-consider your application and inform you of its decision.
  • Accepted with a Hold status into the program to which you have applied, meaning that additional courses or information may be required and then the decision will be revisited.
  • Not accepted as a student into the program to which you have applied.

Action 1 — Reserve your spot as soon as possible

If you are accepted as a student, we advise you pay the required deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

If you need to defer your enrollment to the next semester OR you have chosen to attend a different institution, PLEASE inform the Admissions Coordinator at as soon as you know so the spot can be offered to an accepted student on the waitlist.

Action 2 — Please respond to information requests in a timely manner

Members of the LMRC Student Services Team reach out to each accepted student months prior to the start of your Program, to gather appropriate information required to have on file for each and every student. As part of your commitment to attend LMRC, please respond to information requests in a thorough, accurate and timely manner. It is much appreciated!