Preparing Your Admissions Packet

Thank you for considering Lawrence Memorial/Regis College for the next step on your educational and professional journey!

The Associate Degree in Radiography Program is full for the Fall 2024 semester and not accepting applications for Fall 2025.

Oops… Applying for a Continuing Studies Certificate Program?

Please go directly to the Continuing Studies Certificate Program Application.

Preparing your Admissions Packet

Nursing applicants: 

  • Use this checklist to guide you in preparing your Admissions Packet. 
  • Please submit a COMPLETE Admissions Packet, as your application will not be considered until LMRC has received all missing items.
  • Please be sure to review thoroughly the Admissions Requirements.
wdt_ID What to Include Nursing Program Radiography Program Details
1 Application Yes Yes Download and complete the LMRC Admissions Application Form.  No online application is available at this time.
2 $ 50 application fee Yes Yes Credit card, check or money order only. CASH NOT ACCEPTED.
4 Work history Yes Yes Please include an up-to-date resume or job history.
5 Three (3) references Yes Yes Who you can ask for a reference depends on a few determining factors. Learn more...
6 Official transcript from EACH and EVERY school attended: High School; or GED; college; certificate school; trade school; etc.) Home schooled in high school? Please include a letter from the school district’s Superintendent Yes Yes A transcript is “official” if it is either (a) generated and sent to LMRC by the school or the transcript service, or (b) given directly to you by the school and you then deliver it to LMRC still in the sealed envelope given you by the school. Learn more...
7 Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Yes No Include a copy of your official TEAS report. Learn more...
8 Proof of English Language Proficiency Yes Yes If you completed grades 1 - 12 outside the U.S., we require proof of English language proficiency. Learn more...
19 References Yes No one (1) reference from a recent nursing clinical instructor you had

one (1) reference from the nursing program administrator

one (1) reference from a professional person of your choice (work supervisor, etc.)