Admissions Requirements

The Associate Degree in Radiography Program is full for the Fall 2024 semester and not accepting applications for Fall 2025.

Please refer to the page Preparing Your Admissions Packet for the FULL list of requirements. Admissions requirements that are not self-explanatory on that page are more fully described here.

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Once you are accepted…

Who can apply

We welcome any of the following applicants: 

  • high school graduates: cumulative average of B (85%) in a college preparatory course of studies preferred
  • those who earned a state-issued high school equivalency credential
  • home-schooled persons:  must provide letter from Superintendent of Schools in their home district 

Courses you must have already taken & passed to apply

If you have not taken these courses at the high school or college level (or via CLEP exam) OR you have taken them but did not earn the required passing grade, please take the courses before you apply.

Course Nursing Applicant (non-LPN) Nursing Applicant (LPN) Radiography Applicant
Algebra Grade of C or better OR SAT score in math component of 440 or higher Required Required
Biology Grade of C or better (HS or college) OR taken an approved college-level Anatomy & Physiology course Not required Lab Science Course (1)
Chemistry Grade of C or better Not required Lab Science Course (2)

How to apply

Currently, LMRC’s application is not available online. Please download, print and thoroughly and neatly complete the LMRC Admissions Application Form.

Writing skills requirement

Your coursework as an LMRC student requires quite a bit of writing. To assess your candidacy for acceptance, we need to confirm you have good writing skills.

To satisfy this writing skills requirement, please provide proof. EITHER…

  • A score of Proficient Level on the TEAS, in the area of “English and Language Usage”

  • Proof — on an official transcript — that you successfully completed a college-level writing course, such as English Composition.

Can’t provide either one? If you cannot provide either one, then the Admissions Office will contact you and give instructions for submitting two essays.

Reference requirement

Each applicant must provide LMRC three (3) completed reference forms, either included in the Admissions Packet or emailed directly to LMRC by the reference writer.  Anyone you ask to provide a reference should be someone who knows you well enough to speak to your specific traits.

Specific references to provide

If you are… You must submit…

a recent high school graduate

two (2) references from teachers or school administrators

one (1) reference from a professional person of your choice (work supervisor, etc.)

a transfer student from another nursing program

one (1) reference from a recent nursing clinical instructor you had

one (1) reference from the nursing program administrator

one (1) reference from a professional person of your choice (work supervisor, etc.)

a transfer student from another radiography program

one (1) reference from a recent radiography program instructor you had

one (1) reference from a recent radiography program clinical instructor you had

one (1) reference from a professional person of your choice (work supervisor, etc.)

neither a recent high school graduate nor a transfer student

three references from persons of your choice who can speak best to your specific traits.

an LPN

one (1) reference from a supervisor

two (2) references from professional persons of your choice (co-worker, etc.)

What to do

  1. Select who you want as your references and then reach out to them and ask.
  2. Send each of your references the LMRC Reference Form and let them know the date by which you need the completed form mailed back to you or optionally, date by which they can email the reference directly to LMRC at
  3. If your reference writer chooses to mail the completed reference to you, DO NOT open the envelope — LMRC must receive all your reference letters UNOPENED.  Instead, put the envelope directly with the other documents you’ve gathered for your Admissions Packet.

Transcript requirement

We require official transcripts from ALL schools you have attended: high school and all post-secondary schools and, if applicable, a state-issued high school equivalency credential.

What makes a transcript “official?”

transcript is “official” if it is either (a) generated and sent to LMRC by the school or the transcript service, or (b) given directly to you by the school and you then deliver it to LMRC still in the sealed envelope given you by the school.

Already have a college degree? 

Applicants with previous college education must meet the Program’s admission requirements and should have earned at least a 2.75 cumulative average in post-secondary school.

Did you complete one or more years of grades 9-12 outside the U.S.? 

If you completed one or more years of grades 9-12 outside the U.S., you must provide LMRC documentation to prove that the education you received is “equivalent” to that of a comparable experience in the U.S and you successfully completed a course of study equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.  The documentation must be acquired through a professional service such as 

English language proficiency requirement

Did you complete one or more years of grades 9-12 outside the U.S.?

If so, you must provide to LMRC one (1) of the following to demonstrate English language proficiency. EITHER…

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) requirement

Each nursing program applicant must submit their official score from the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam. Results are valid for 12 months (one year) from the test date. TEAS results are considered as one aspect of the applicants’ admissions profile. No minimum score is required. 

Once you are accepted…

Advance placement option for LPNs

Licensed LPNs, once accepted to the Nursing program, have the option to take two validation exams administered by LMRC at an additional cost, payable prior to being scheduled for the exams.  The two exams are:  a theory exam and clinical skills exam.

Exam results are valid for twelve (12) months.  Those who pass both exams have the option to skip NU-101 (Foundations of Nursing Practice) and start in NU-102 (Adult Nursing Practice), on a space available basis.

Transferring credits

Once accepted you can ask LMRC’s Registrar about transferring any college credits you may already have for your program’s non-nursing or non-radiography courses — up to seven (7) out of the nine (9) non-nursing courses for Nursing students and six (6) out of the eight (8) non-radiography courses for Radiography students.  All students must complete a minimum of two (2) of their non-nursing/non-radiography courses with LMRC to fulfill the residency requirement.

For any courses whose credits do transfer, it means you will not need to take those courses to graduate your LMRC program, saving you time and money.

Requirements for course credits to transfer

  • Course must have been taken at a college
  • Course syllabus must be equivalent to similar course offered by Regis College
  • You must have passed the course with a grade of C (2.0) or better
  • LMRC Registrar will consider a CLEP exam score and/or Advanced Placement exam score for a course, as well as if the course was taken as part of an undergraduate or graduate degree you have already earned

Equivalent courses considered for credit transfer to LMRC

  • Human Growth & Development: no time limit
  • Anatomy & Physiology:  if taken more than seven years (7) years ago, you must take a science review course through Regis College
  • Microbiology:  if taken more than seven (7) years ago, you must take a science review course through Regis College
  • Writing Seminar (English Composition):  no time limit
  • Critical Reading, Thinking, & Writing:  no time limit
  • Introduction to Sociology:  no time limit
  • Ethics:  no time limit
  • Statistics:  no time limit

Required onboarding tasks to secure enrollment

Once accepted to LMRC and ready to start your Nursing or Radiography program, you are officially enrolled in your program (you appear on the class list) ONLY after you complete a series of onboarding tasks by specific deadlines.  (Assumes you have paid your deposit after you were accepted, to claim your seat.)

If you are not in a position to fulfill the required tasks by the specific deadlines or do not respond to prompts sent, you will be offered the option of starting your program at the next entry point in the future so your seat can be offered to a student on the wait list.

The onboarding tasks include:

  • enroll in LMRC’s immunization tracking service and uploading all required immunization documents (NOTE:  LMRC only accepts valid BLS certification from the American Heart Association, NOT the Red Cross.  If you have a valid certification from the Red Cross, you must re-take BLS through the American Heart Association.)
  • have a background check performed
  • complete and submit certain data collection forms
  • take and submit a proper ID photo
  • pay your semester bill in its entirety OR set up a monthly payment plan for the semester
  • complete network onboarding tasks for both Regis College and Tufts Medicine
  • purchase required learning resources and your uniform/accessories
  • ensure your smartphone and laptop meet the technology requirements and replace one or both devices (as needed)
  • if you had educational accommodations in the past and anticipate that need continuing at LMRC, submit all required documents