Strategies for Funding Your LMRC Education

LMRC’s Bursar and Financial Aid Administrator are here to help you figure out the best combination of funding options for your specific circumstances.  To start, they’ve provided a walk-through to help you determine how to pay for your education.

Initial considerations

You can fund your LMRC education with

  • money from your own personal sources, such as savings, family members, etc.
  • money from outside sources, such as scholarships, federal aid, private loans, etc.

If you can fund your LMRC education with funds from your own personal sources, you are all set.  Otherwise, you can fund from a combination of personal and outside sources.

Finding funds

To find funds, here is a walk-through we hope helps you get your arms around your finances.

  1. Identify how much money you need to live on monthly:  rent/mortgage; food; clothes; insurance; taxes; etc.
  2. List how much money you have in savings and how much money other might be contributing to your education (from family members, etc.).
  3. Use our Net Price Calculator to get an estimate of how much financial aid you might receive and how much you may need to pay out-of-pocket to attend Lawrence Memorial/Regis College.
  4. Use the appropriate printable worksheet to estimate out-of-pocket costs:  Nursing Program Worksheet or Radiography Program Worksheet
  5. Using this information you gathered, answer this important question:  do you have enough funding through your own personal sources to pay for your education out-of-pocket?
    • If yes, then you do not need to apply for federal aid or private loans and do not need to continue reading.
    • If no, continue reading this walk-through.
  6. Visit to learn about and understand the various types of federal financial aid available.
  7. Visit to learn all about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  It is required you complete the FAFSA to be awarded federal financial aid by any college or university.
  8. After you are accepted to Lawrence Memorial/Regis College, visit and complete the FAFSA.

Explore the additional topics here

There’s a lot to know about financial aid and we work hard to make it as clear as possible, both through resources on this site and links elsewhere. Learn as much as you can.  Explore all the topics offered here!

Highly detailed information can be found in LMRC’s Financial Aid Handbook.

Questions? Schedule an appointment

For help strategizing how to fund your LMRC education, please feel free to email to schedule an appointment with either the Bursar ( or the Financial Aid Administrator (