The Caring Cupboard

In 2019, faculty and staff committed to funding a “Caring Cupboard.”  Located in kitchen area of the 3rd floor of LMRC’s Lab building (our former Residence Building), students can help themselves to the stock of foodstuffs provided — whether it’s for a quick snack while prepping for exams in the nearby study rooms, or to take home and help feed their families.

Food insecurity

We at LMRC strive for excellence in teaching — which means enabling students to learn.  And it’s hard to learn when you’re hungry.  Food insecurity in our communities is growing and reflected in many students who come through our doors.

Historically, most of our students work while attending LMRC.  Most have families to take care of and also parents and relatives.  Busy schedules, busy lives.  Many come right from work or a family commitment to class, with no time in between to nourish themselves.  Even if there was time, some have stretched budgets so thin to earn their degree, they prioritize feeding their family members before themselves. 

Can you help us?

Our self-funding of the Caring Cupboard only goes so far.  Can you help us?  Please consider making a gift of any amount to keep our cupboards stocked.  Thank you.