Nursing & Simulation Laboratories

Nursing Laboratory

The Nursing Laboratory houses multiple patient care units, realistic training manikins and a variety of state-of-the-art medical equipment.

  • Students are able to become proficient in nursing skills while in the safety of a laboratory environment.
  • Twenty-four hour a day access to the laboratory allows unlimited student practice opportunities.
  • A nursing lab coordinator is available at designated times to aid students in the acquisition of nursing skills.

Simulation Laboratories

State-of-the-art Simulation Laboratories provide interactive realistic manikins for faculty-supervised student instruction and practice.

Through sophisticated computer programming, these simulate real patient conditions which can be instantly changed; such changes are displayed on patient monitors.

Video-recorded practice scenarios of students working with SimMan and SimBaby, allow students to evaluate their nursing care and responses to the patient’s clinical condition.  Each practice scenario is reviewed by faculty and students together to enhance student learning.