Our radiography curriculum covers topics related to image production, patient care, radiation safety, and radiographic procedures.

*Non-Radiography Courses: There are eight (8) more non-radiography courses that are included within the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Radiography Program’s Associate of Science degree requirements. Courses are held for 15-weeks each unless otherwise noted. The listing of non-radiography courses in the curriculum above provides a guideline of how many courses may be taken each semester. The eight (8) additional prescribed non-radiography courses are:

  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Anatomy & Physiology II
  • EN-105 Writing Seminar
  • EN-106 Critical Reading, Thinking & Writing
  • ID-304 Exploring Ethics
  • MA-210 Statistics
  • SO-201 Introduction to Sociology
  • Humanities Elective

Authorization for the award of the Associate of Science degree with a major in Radiography cannot be made until all of the radiography courses (academic, laboratory and clinical) and non-radiography courses have been completed with the passing grades stipulated in the Academic Standards policy.