Nursing Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the curriculum, the beginning practitioner will be able to:

  1. Operationalize knowledge from the natural and behavioral sciences and the humanities when implementing the nursing process to promote wellness, human flourishing and adaptation through the use of safe, culturally sensitive, therapeutic nursing interventions for individuals and families
  2. Integrate a spirit of inquiry and innovative thinking in pursuit of continued learning and the development of a caring, professional identity
  3. Facilitate therapeutic communication with individuals, families, and the interprofessional team in the pursuit of optimal wellness and adaptation
  4. Provide individualized health education using teaching-learning principles in the care of individuals and families
  5. Promote the rights of individuals and families according to ethical, legal, regulatory and professional standards of nursing practice
  6. Demonstrate leadership and management skills in collaboration with the interprofessional team to improve patient outcomes
  7. Integrate selected nursing theory, related theories and research in the development of clinical reasoning and nursing judgment for optimal patient-centered care
  8. Integrate knowledge, including current research gained through the use of informatics and selected technology, into the development of an evidence-based approach to nursing practice
  9. Participate in the change process to improve systems-based practice in the provision of safe, quality nursing care

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