Our nursing curriculum, which appears below, integrates the study of pharmacology, drug therapy, nutrition and pathophysiology.


1. Courses must be completed in accordance with the Prerequisites/Corequisites Policy. +NU404 may be taken after the completion of the NU102 nursing course.

++NU 404 must be taken prior to or concurrent with NU 201. *EN 105, *EN 106, *SO201 and *MA 210 may be taken at any time prior to graduation.

2. Most non-nursing courses may be offered in Summer I or II sessions.

The relationship of course/credit hours to clock hours is as follows:

  • 1 academic hour of theory/week = 1 course credit
  • 2-3 hours non-nursing course laboratory/week = 1 course credit
  • 3 hours nursing clinical/laboratory experience/week = 1 course credit