Program Outcomes

  • Our results on the NCLEX examinations for our first time test takers in 2019 was 90%.  The national average has been 88%. In 2018 our score was 83% and 2017 86%.  This information may also be found on the Health and Human Services website.
  • The graduation rate of 75% for graduates exceeds that of private two year colleges by 51% and private four year colleges by 65%.
  • Employment rates in nursing six months after graduation for the past two years of graduates who responded to the surveys is 100%. Surveys are sent 1 year after graduation.
  • All graduating senior students complete a comprehensive assessment of the program just prior to graduation. Currently, graduate satisfaction with the nursing program met its benchmark with an average of 4.35 on a scale of 5 (high) to 1 (low).

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