Computed Tomography (CT) Certificate

Program Overview

If you would like to combine working in healthcare and working with computers, a career in Computed Tomography may be for you. Computed Tomography is a rapidly growing advanced imaging technology that creates cross-sectional and three-dimensional images of the body using radiation and computers.

By completing the Certificate in Computed Tomography you will study normal cross-sectional anatomy and learn how common pathologies appear on CT images. You will gain an understanding of the physical principles of CT and how the CT equipment functions as well as radiation protection and safety measures specific to CT. You will also learn the special requirements needed for caring for patients in CT departments.

This program runs from February through July. Classes are conducted in a hybrid format providing students with both online and in person classroom time.

Unique to the program here is the clinical practicum. Students are provided with a clinical location in order to gain experience on CT procedures and acquire the competencies necessary for eligibility of the ARRT CT examination. We do not guarantee completion of competencies, however all students from past years have been able to complete their competency list prior to the program’s end.

Program Requirements:

Applicants must be graduates of a Radiography program that are either RT(R) or registry eligible.  All students are required to have all immunizations and a CORI prior to starting the program.

Course Descriptions:

Image production

Patient care

IV access training with a qualified nurse

Radiation safety

CT procedures


Program Cost

$4,500.00 (Eligible for Tuition Reimbursement from respective employers)

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After completion:

  • Students will receive the ARRT mandated CEU’s necessary to register for the ARRT CT exam.
  • Candidates will have learned about CT related physics, pathology, radiation protection, and patient care.
  • Candidates will have months of scanning experience, which employers considers as valuable experience for hire.
  • Students can transfer certificate to Regis College for a package of credits towards a BS in Medical Imaging.

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