Nursing Admissions

Lawrence Memorial/Regis College admits academically qualified persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.  

How we evaluate applicants

We evaluate each individual applicant based on overall strengths according to established admissions criteria, including 

  • Academic accomplishment 
  • Work and life experience 
  • Demonstrated motivation 
  • Potential to successfully complete the program

Financial need is not considered in the application process.  

Education requirement

We welcome any of the following applicants: 

  • high school graduates: cumulative average of B (85%) in a college preparatory course of studies preferred
  • those who earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) certificate:  if GED earned prior to 2002, minimum score of 450 required on math and science components; if GED earned after 2002, minimum score of 45 required in each of the five test areas.
  • home-schooled persons:  must provide letter from Superintendent of Schools in their home district 

Language requirement

All Program instruction is conducted in English. 

Applicants who received their secondary and/or post-secondary education outside of the U.S. must 

  • Provide us with a document from an approved educational documentation service certifying that the applicant’s transcript shows they successfully completed a course of study equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma. 
  • Provide us with a document that certifies they have passed an approved English Proficiency test within the last two years.   The approved tests and scores required are as follows: 
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 220 and/or essay score of at least 4.0 on the computerized TOEFL; an 83 on the Internet based TOEFL; or 560 on the paper administered TOEFL. 
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in all modules 
    • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) with a minimum score of 55 and no individual score below 50
    • Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) with a minimum score of Speaking CBL 9 Reading CLB 8 and Writing CLB 7. 
  • Have an in-person interview with our Admissions Coordinator 

Transcript requirements

We require official transcripts from the applicant’s high school and all post-secondary schools.

All applicants (except LPN/LVNs) should have completed Algebra, Biology and Chemistry at either the high school or college level with a grade of C or better.  Required high school courses in Algebra, Biology and Chemistry may be fulfilled by taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and attaining pre-determined scores.  The Biology course requirement may be fulfilled by taking an approved college Anatomy and Physiology course.  A student who has a score of 440 or above in the math component of the SAT is not required to have taken high school Algebra.

LPN/LVNs are required to have completed an Algebra course (high school or college level), but not Chemistry and Biology.

Applicants with previous college education must meet the Program’s admission requirements and should have earned at least a 2.75 cumulative average in post-secondary school.

Official transcripts from the applicant’s high school and all post-secondary schools are required.  Applicants should mail official transcripts with their application packet.  Transcripts must be in their original, unopened sealed envelopes.

Legal status proof requirement (U.S. permanent residents)

Proof of legal status for students with U.S. permanent resident status (green card) will be required after acceptance, but prior to enrollment in classes. 

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Each applicant must submit scores from the TEAS for Nursing Students exam. Results are valid for one year from the application date. TEAS results are considered as one aspect of the applicants’ admissions profile. No minimum score is required. The TEAS test is not administered through LM/RC. Applicants must register for the TEAS on their own through ATI Testing. 


Each applicant must submit three (3) completed reference forms in original, unopened, sealed envelopes. References should be from professors and/or employers/supervisors who know the applicant and can evaluate specific traits. For recent high school graduates, two references must be academic. Transfer students from other nursing programs must have two academic references, one from the most recent nursing clinical instructor and one from the nursing program administrator. The reference form is available either online or from the Admissions Office.

Required Reference Form

Admission Process

The Program has a rolling admission process and reviews each application once all required materials are received.  There is no deadline for submitting the application; however, early planning and submission of application materials facilitates placement in the desired entering class if accepted.

  • The application packet must be completed and submitted to the Admissions Coordinator along with the application fee.
  • After receipt of application, application fee, essay, all official transcripts, TEAS test results, employment listing (resume) and references, the applicant’s credentials will be evaluated.
  • A personal interview may be requested of candidates who meet admission requirements.
  • The Admission and Progression Committee makes the final decision regarding acceptance into the program. Applicants are notified of the acceptance decision by letter.

LMRC Admissions Application Form (please print out and complete; no online application is currently available)

Transfer of credit for non-nursing college courses

Accepted applicants may be exempted from taking a maximum of six (6) non-nursing courses in the curriculum if they have completed equivalent, approved courses during post-secondary education with a grade of C (2.0) or better. After acceptance, a student who has completed more than six (6) transferable courses may petition the Registrar, Medford campus, for consideration of one additional exemption. Equivalent courses in anatomy and physiology and microbiology courses will be accepted if they have been taken within the past seven years. An equivalent human development course must have been completed within seven years. There is no time limit on other equivalent required courses. Students who have taken equivalent physical science courses beyond the time limits may be eligible to take review courses. CLEP examinations and national Advanced Placement Examinations are acceptable for some courses. Course work leading to an attained baccalaureate or higher degree will be evaluated on an individual basis. Course descriptions and/or course syllabi may be required to evaluate course equivalency.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement opportunities are available for applicants presently or previously enrolled in a professional nursing program approved by the state and accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body or licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPN/LVNs) who have graduated from state-approved practical/vocational nursing programs. Applicants must follow the program’s regular admission policy and procedures for acceptance prior to being advanced placed in the program. All advanced placed students must complete at least six (6) courses, including three (3) nursing courses at the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing Program in order to graduate. Prior to enrollment in nursing courses, students seeking advanced placement may be required to validate previous nursing knowledge through written validation testing and subsequently demonstrate clinical competency. These tests are valid for twelve months. After twelve months, a student must retest and pass all required validation tests in order to be enrolled in nursing courses. Advanced placement classes and/or a transition seminar will be required and fees will be charged. Enrollment in nursing courses is on a space available basis.

LPNs/LVNs must have completed an algebra course (high school or college level) with a grade of C or better but are not required to have taken high school biology and chemistry.  LPNs/LVNs must show their current LPN/LVN license for verification.  LPNs/LVNs will be tested to validate their nursing knowledge before being advanced placed.  Placement in a nursing course will be based on the results of this testing.  Prior to placement in the curriculum, LPNs/LVNs must have completed all prerequisite non-nursing courses with a grade of at least C.

Enrollment Requirements

The practice of nursing involves cognitive, sensory, affective, and psychomotor performance requirements.  Accepted students must be able to meet all enrollment requirements.  These requirements are contingent upon completion of educational, financial, student health and BLS for the Healthcare Provider requirements and acceptable national criminal and sex offender background check.

  • Official transcripts from all high school and post-secondary schools must be received by the Registrar prior to enrollment.
  • Accepted applicants are required to submit a non-refundable $500 ($100 for non-matriculating students) fee to reserve a place in the class. This fee is credited towards tuition upon enrollment.  Tuition and fees must be paid prior to enrollment.
  • Accepted applicants must complete required health and immunization requirements prior to enrollment. Health forms are sent to accepted applicants and must be completed by their health care provider including documentation of required immunizations/titers.
  • Current BLS (Basic Life Support) for the Healthcare Provider certification from the American Heart Association is prerequisite to clinical entry.
  • National background checks are required of all accepted applicants. Many clinical learning sites require this of all patient care providers including nursing students.  Furthermore, in keeping with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing Good Moral Character policy, certain conduct and convictions may delay or preclude licensure as a registered nurse in Massachusetts.

Non-matriculating Students

A non-matriculating student is one who either does not wish to become a candidate for a degree or whose admission packet has been reviewed by the Admission & Progression Committee and the Committee requests more evidence of math and science strength.  Such applicants may be accepted as non-matriculating students and will be enrolled in two (2) concurrent non-nursing courses for credit at Regis College.  After successful completion of these courses the student may petition the Admission & Progression Committee for acceptance as a matriculating student.  Non-matriculating students will be enrolled on a space available basis.  Enrollment policies and procedures for non-matriculating students are available through the Admissions Office.

Readmission of Students

Readmission policies are designed to encourage the reenrollment of academically qualified students. The applicant will be readmitted if, after review by the Admission and Progression Committee, and the Vice President for Education, there is a belief that the applicant has a reasonable expectation of successful completion of the Program.

Students who are administratively withdrawn from the program will not be considered for readmission for at least one (1) semester and must provide explanation for previous failures with evidence of effective interventions for change.

Prior to re-enrollment, a student who has successfully completed or exempted out of any clinical nursing course(s) will be required to validate previous nursing knowledge (see Validation Testing policy). All nursing courses completed more than 15 months prior to reapplying must be repeated.

A student, who does not pass validation testing, either written or clinical, will not be allowed to progress in the curriculum. A student will be re-enrolled upon successful completion of written and clinical validation testing and space availability.

A readmitted student who had any past course failures within the prior LM/RC enrollment will be considered to have had one course failure upon re-admission. Another failure after readmission will be cause for withdrawal from the program for academic failure. No student will be readmitted more than once.

For a re-admitted student class attendance is mandatory in all nursing courses.

Admission Deferral/Change of Division Prior to Enrollment

Accepted students may request to be deferred to a later class prior to enrollment or may request to change to another division prior to enrollment. Such requests must be made at least one month prior to the start of the semester. Requests will be determined on an individual basis.

A student wishing to defer enrollment or to change to another division must submit the request in writing to the chair of the Admission and Progression Committee. The Committee will decide whether to grant the request and will notify the student. If granted, the Committee will notify the student in writing of the new enrollment class or division. The notice will state a date for the student to confirm in writing acceptance of the new class or division. An accepted student who does not confirm acceptance in writing by the date indicated will be administratively withdrawn and the deposit forfeited. If the request is denied, the student’s original enrollment class and division remains. Failure to enroll will result in administrative withdrawal and loss of deposit.

Change of Division

Enrolled students may request to change from one division to another; the request must be made in writing by either letter or email to the LM/RC Registrar.  Please note:

  • Division changes will not be made after the start of a semester.
  • Space will not be reserved in incoming classes for such changes.

Ready to Apply?

Click here for the application and required reference form. Applicants must have algebra, biology and chemistry with grades of C or better, high school or college, in order to apply.