I am Nainita Soni. I am a Simulation Lab coordinator at Lawrence Memorial/Regis College as well as a bedside nurse for many years and mother of two bright adult children. I am fortunate having a loving husband. I am an international nurse who is rich culturally and knowledgeable diversely. I have worked in a variety of specialty in my nursing career. I enjoy assisting the people.
I am a bedside nurse who serves the patients and families. I educate the patients all the time. Caring for a sick person is taking care of a suffering soul when someone is not in his/her natural shape. I also precepted nursing students and new hire nurses. The nurse educator role is one step away from direct patient care. A nurse educator plays a pivotal role for the nurses to bridge the gap between knowledge, skills, and experience. I also need to cultivate myself to look for the needs, strategies, and better use of resources to implement the education projects.

Nurse educator is a lifeline of the nursing profession from generation to generation. Passing the knowledge and skills to the next generation has been an old tradition to keep our profession on moving. I love to share my knowledge and skills to my future nurses. Teaching is my passion.

Sharing is caring
Working as a bedside nurse for more than 32 years made me rich in my knowledge, experience, and various skills. The nursing profession is all about lifelong learning. I feel I have found that niche to connect simple things to theoretical knowledge so a learner can understand easily. I always tell them that you are going to take care of me when I am old.

Make a difference
Nurse educators are deeply committed to helping other nurses develop and grow. Novice nurses need support, warmth, and healthy learning environment to make a difference in strangers’ lives. A nurse educator can impact nursing practices and indirectly improve patient outcomes, making them an integral component of the interprofessional team in healthcare.

Nowadays, culturally diverse nurses are an essential taskforce for the diverse population of the clients. I want to set an example to be a minority nurse educator for others. I also want to make a difference in my profession. My passion is to carry forward my legacy to future nurses.