Student Community

The Office of Student and Alumni Services offers programs and services as well as assistance to and for students to enhance their educational experiences. The following descriptions are the major areas of programs and services offered.

By The Numbers

A diverse student body fosters friendship and support among all students.

Total enrollment is approximately 300 students whose ages range from 19 to over 50. The majority of students are 30 years old and most have taken some college-level courses prior to enrollment. About 10 percent are male students and 40 – 45 percent are minority.

Student Government

The Student Organization fosters a spirit of closeness, understanding and cooperation among all students, through activities and self-regulation. It provides a medium of communication and action between students and between students and faculty and staff.

The Student Organization provides a formal structure which contributes to the general welfare of the student by assisting students in developing independence, self-expression and leadership. Student Organization supports activities that meet student needs and demonstrates commitment to the community through involvement in health and social issues. The Student Organization plans and implements social activities, community service projects and other events and programs for the student body.

All students are members of the Student Organization which meets monthly during the academic year. Leadership positions are available for those students elected as officers by their peers. Elections are held each semester.

Representation on Faculty Committees

Students serve as representatives to faculty committees. Student representatives are selected by their classmates to provide student perspectives and communicate the work of each committee to their classmates. Student representatives are on Faculty Organization and the Curriculum Committee.

Students also serve as representatives on an ad hoc Grievance Committee. As part of this process, students have an opportunity to resolve academic and non-academic conflicts when other means have not resulted in satisfaction.

Student Facilities

Students enjoy a fully-equipped student lounge with kitchen area, cable TV and computer with Internet access. Quiet study rooms and individual lockers are also provided on the Medford campus. Meals may be purchased at the Medford campus Lawrence Memorial Hospital cafeteria or at the Dining Room and College Cafe on the Weston campus.


Uniforms must be worn when students are involved in most patient care activities. Information concerning the purchase of uniforms is sent to accepted applicants with other enrollment information.

Transportation and Parking

Information is provided to students at the time of admission to the program.

Weston – On the Weston campus students park in designated on campus lots.

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