Welcome, Information & Networking (WIN) & General Education Orientation

Welcome, Information & Networking (WIN) and General Education Orientation programs are required for all entering students. Presentations by administrators, faculty, staff, and current students provide a comprehensive overview of the program, schedules, policies, resources and services available to students on both campuses. These events may also included is information on topics such as personal safety, change and time management.

Academic Advisement

All full-time nursing faculty members serve as academic advisors to clarify, direct and support students in their academic endeavors. Each student/faculty advisement relationship is established upon enrollment in nursing courses. Faculty advisors clarify program goals, curriculum plan and degree requirements. Students communicate at least once each semester with their faculty advisors to share progress/problems and anticipated needs.

Tutorial Program for Students

Individual and group tutoring is available for eligible students through the Center for Academic Support (CAS). The Coordinator of the CAS will pair students seeking extra help with students or recent graduates who have demonstrated high levels of competence.

Students who are tutors must meet established position qualifications. Students in need of tutoring may also seek out assistance from faculty members.

Students seeking tutors must meet a minimum GPA after the first exam of the semester and must sign a contract which outlines the responsibilities of both the tutor and the student seeking assistance.

The complete Tutor Program policy can be found in the Student Handbook. Students interested in becoming a tutor or in need of a tutor should contact the Coordinator, Center for Academic Support.


Counseling services are designed to foster the personal and professional growth of students. Confidential and voluntary counseling sessions provide students with the information and assistance needed to clarify goals, develop self-management skills, or cope with sources of stress. In addition, academic advisement and counseling is available through faculty members. Appropriate referrals are also made when necessary.

Information is available on a number of topics including study skills, test anxiety, stress, organization and time management.

Information shared with the counselor or faculty is not shared with any other faculty, administrator or staff unless the student gives permission. An exception to this would be extenuating circumstances where the student might harm themselves or others.

 Health Services

Good mental and physical health is required to carry out the academic and clinical requirements of the nursing program. Prior to enrollment, all newly admitted students are required to have a complete physical examination including laboratory tests and selected immunizations. Specific health forms and information concerning health requirements are sent to accepted applicants.

Emergency services are available at all times through the hospital’s Emergency Department. Non-emergency health services are available through health services on the Weston campus and through the Urgent Care Department of Lawrence Memorial Hospital on the Medford campus. Students may also choose to use their own private health care providers.

The Regis College Health Service located in Maria Hall, Weston Campus, promotes wellness by providing primary health care, preventative services, and health education. The professional staff includes a registered nurse, nurse practitioners, counselors, and on-call physicians. All students are encouraged to use Regis College Health Services not only when they are ill or injured but also when they have questions or concerns about health issues. The goal of the Health Service is to give students the tools needed to make positive health choices by providing up-to-date health information.


Health Insurance: All students are required to be covered by a health insurance plan and are enrolled in the Regis College student insurance plan. Students must submit proof of enrollment in another health insurance plan to be credited the Regis College Health Insurance fee.

For information on how to waive the Regis College Health Insurance, please contact the Bursar on the Medford campus.

Liability Insurance: Student nurses acting within the scope of their duties are protected under the hospital’s professional liability insurance policy.

Ready to Apply?

All accepted students are informed of all resources available to them.