Lawrence Memorial/Regis College (LM/RC) Nursing Program
RN-BS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
for Associate Degree Graduates and Students of LM/RC


Do I have to apply to the program?

Yes, students admitted before January 2014 and graduates of LM/RC need to complete the LM/RC Petition to Graduate form. Students accepted after January 2014 do not need to complete the LM/RC Petition to Graduate form; the application submitted to LM/RC will be used to formalize your acceptance to the BS program.

Do I have to declare my intent to participate in the RN-BS program?

There will be space on the LM/RC application to indicate your intent to participate in the RN-BS program. This opportunity will also be discussed at the time of your interview.

How do I find out more about the program?

Sessions regarding the RN-BS program for current students are held during the year to provide additional information on program requirements. In addition, individual meetings may be set up by contacting Beth Campbell at Please note this program is only offered to LM/RC students thus, one has to apply to LM/RC and get accepted. Once in the program additional information regarding the program is distributed to current students.

I graduated from LM/RC; am I accepted to the RN-BS program?

LM/RC graduates and students accepted prior to January 2014 must complete an LM/RC Petition to Graduate form and must meet the academic requirements of the BS program.

Am I accepted if I have a 3.0 GPA?

Yes, if you were accepted into LM/RC after January 2014 and successfully completed the AS in Nursing at LM/RC. If you were accepted to LM/RC before January 2014 and successfully completed the AS in Nursing program your acceptance will be determined by Regis College upon review of all transcripts.

What if I had a 2.50 GPA?

Students with a GPA less than 3.0 may be provisionally accepted. They must achieve a grade of B or better in the first two nursing courses taken to be considered for full acceptance into the BS program.

Is Chemistry required?

Yes. If you have taken college level Chemistry 1 & 2 (inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry) within the past 7 years, you do not need another Chemistry course. If you have not taken college level Chemistry 1 & 2 within the last 7 years, you can take Regis College’s one-semester Chemistry 105 (CH105) course, which fulfills the requirement. If you choose to take Chemistry elsewhere, you must take two semesters (Chemistry I and II, with labs) to fulfill the requirement.

If you have been practicing as an RN the 7 year requirement does not apply.

Do I have to be licensed in order to enroll in the RN-BS program?

No. You may complete three courses, Health Assessment in Nursing (NU304), Evidence for Nursing Practice (NU403) and Concepts and Challenges in Professional Practice (NU404) without being licensed. However, you must hold an MA RN license or license in the State where the community facility is located to enroll in Community-based Nursing (NU510).

What if I graduated from LM/RC but took ID 211 instead of NU404?

If you completed the 3 credit course numbered ID 211, you do not need to take NU 404. If you completed the 2 credit ID 211, you are required to take NU 404.

How long will the program take?

The length of the program depends on how many courses you take per semester and when you take the courses.

Are any of the courses offered online?

All courses in Pathway I and many courses in Pathway II, except Chemistry, are offered in Hybrid format.

Are the courses offered during the summer?

Yes, courses are offered during the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

What is the benefit of this RN to Bachelor’s program?

  • Most courses are held on the Medford campus.
  • Students with a Baccalaureate in a field other than nursing and an AS from LM/RC are able to earn a BS in Nursing with 3-5 additional courses.
  • Students without a Baccalaureate degree and an AS from LM/RC are able to earn a BS in Nursing in as few as three semesters.
  • The application process is seamless

Why should I complete this program for my BS rather than just complete the MS Bridge program?

LM/RC students have been fortunate to find jobs in the Greater Boston area; however, there are some positions that require an applicant to have a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Nursing. If a student already has a Bachelor’s degree in another field this degree allows her/him to earn a BS in Nursing after completing 3-5 courses.

What if I want to continue on for my Masters after I complete the Bachelors?

Once you earn the Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, you may meet with your Advisor to discuss your plan for your continuing education and the application process.

Is Financial Aid available for this program?

Regis offers a tuition discount for the first two courses taken in the program. Student loans are available to those who are eligible. Financial Aid for the RN-BS program is available after successful completion of the AS from LM/RC.

Is there a clinical component to this program?

The only course with a clinical component is Community-Based Nursing (NU510).

How can I register for courses?

For courses held at LM/RC Medford Campus: Registration should go directly through the Academic Off-Site Coordinator at Regis College. To register, students must complete one Off-site Registration Form per course. Off-site Registration forms are available by e-mailing or 781-768-7101, the LM/RC website, www.lmregis, or on the Moodle community page. Please note: BS completion students must have submitted a Petition form to the Office of Graduate Admission before they will be permitted to register.

For courses held at the Regis College Weston Campus: Students seeking to take Chemistry 105 (CH 105), or courses being held at Regis College, Weston, should contact the Center for Student Services directly at 781-768-7270. Please note: BS completion students must have submitted a Petition form to the Office of Graduate Admission before they will be permitted to register.

What is my Student ID# referred to on the Petition to Graduate form?

The Student ID# on the Petition to Graduate form is the same your Moodle username.