Advanced Education Opportunities

Advanced Education Opportunities

The 73 college credits earned within the associate degree curriculum facilitate admission at an advanced level for graduates who wish to pursue a baccalaureate, master’s of science, or doctorate degree in nursing. Lawrence Memorial/Regis College offers dual admission for qualified candidates to the Regis College BS in Nursing with a program at the time of acceptance into the associate degree program. Completion of the Regis College MS in nursing program can be done on a full-time or part-time basis. Students may exit with a BS in Nursing after a year and a half if they choose not to pursue the MS in Nursing program.

This dual admission arrangement offers the graduate several options. Following licensure, the graduate may choose to seek employment or may continue his/her education to meet the requirements for a BS in Nursing or MS in Nursing degree at Regis College. The graduate may also pursue further education while working as a registered nurse or may postpone formal education for an additional degree until a later date. Graduates may also enroll in BS/MS in Nursing programs at other degree-granting institutions.

Regis College also offers a doctoral program (DNP) for RNs with a master’s degree in nursing.

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