Mobile Device Usage

All enrolled students are required to have a mobile device prior to beginning nursing courses. Specific software must be purchased from the Program’s selected vendor (as specified in individual nursing courses).  Therefore, student mobile devices must be compatible with our selected vendors for required software.  Specific vendor information is sent to students prior to the start of the first nursing course with details for ordering.

Students are responsible for the repair or replacement of their mobile device if it is non-operational, lost, or stolen.

Classroom Usage

No electronics are allowed during any exams.  Students may not be able to see/hear/feel these devices during exams [devices are to be left in purses/backpacks, no devices on any person].  If faculty allow a calculator for an exam, the calculator will be provided by the Program.

Clinical Usage

Mobile devices are to be used in the clinical areas, and for lab activities and classroom exercises as directed by faculty.  Use of portable electronic devices in clinical is regulated by the clinical agencies, local, state and federal regulations and laws.  All students are fully responsible for following all regulation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines and when using their mobile device in clinical or other settings.

No patient data with Personal Health Identifiers (PHI) may be collected on their mobile device.  Additionally, students will use a password to protect access to information on their mobile device.  Infection control precautions must be maintained when using mobile devices in patient care areas.  Students must adhere to professional standards for all communication including maintaining confidentiality, proper conduct for communication and communicating appropriate material.

Inappropriate mobile device use or violation of HIPAA guidelines may be cause for termination from the Program.

Handheld Device Hygiene

  1. Wash hands before using handheld device.
  2. Avoid using device with contaminated gloves; plan ahead for procedures.
  3. Wipe down handheld device using solution ONLY recommended by manufacturer.
  4. Avoid areas that can possibly contaminate device, e.g., laying device on bedside table or patient bed.


A web-based instructional course management system utilized by general education, clinical and theory courses. This communication tool offers on-line access to course syllabi, announcements, requirements, and readings. It enables students to submit assignments and participate in on-line discussions.

Skyscape® Software:

Skyscape® is a set of smartphone applications developed specifically for medical professionals. Compatible mobile devices include, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm OS 3.5 or higher, Palm Pre, Windows Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. In addition to the hard copy texts ordered on-line, there are some additional required textbooks to be loaded on student mobile devices. A Skyscape® bundle of these textbooks will be required for all students. The list is as follows:

  • Davis’s Drug Guide (mobile and webview)
  • Taber’s (mobile and webview)
  • Davis’s Comprehensive Lab & Diagnostic (mobile and webview)
  • Diseases and Disorders (mobile and webview)
  • Ackley’s Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: A Guide to Planning Care (mobile only)
  • Archimedes 360 (provided free with purchase)
  • Outlines in Clinical Medicine, RxDrugs and MedAlert (provided free with purchase)

Please note that the above list is subject to change. Students are given updated course requirements once they have been accepted at a scheduled Uniforms, Registration and More event.

MS Word Requirement:

MS Word from Microsoft is a processing program compatible with Windows & MAC. All enrolled students are required to have this program for completion of assignments utilizing the course management system, MOODLE.

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