Computer Laboratories

Computer Services

Computers in the Library, Multimedia Lab and Student Lounge provide 24×7-computer access on all three floors of the Residence building. Wi-Fi is available on both the LMH and Woburn campuses. Currently HHS-BYOD is the only MelroseWakefield Healthcare Wi-Fi network that students should be using. In addition, there is a large computer lab is located off campus at Unicorn Park, 300 Building on Montvale Avenue, in Woburn. This Lab is available for student use when not scheduled for classes.

Technology is used for various purposes. Library computers tend to focus on research and on line searches and subscriptions, while students to write papers, create presentations, access e–mail, educational software and our course management system, MOODLE, more often use labs. Use of technology is ever increasing in the nursing field and the Program mirrors this by infusing technology into all aspects of the curriculum. Textbooks on student mobile devices allow students to get needed information while in the hospital, in class, or at home. The student course management system, MOODLE, can also be accessed from home for student convenience.

Simulated manikins that breathe, talk and have heart and lung sounds provide life-like clinical experiences that compliment actual clinical placements. Manikin technology can produce videos that allow students and faculty to evaluate student performance in a classroom setting. Videos created by the Program also enhance clinical and academic learning.

 On-line sites support other aspects of the Program. Our on-line curriculum tool, MOODLE, offers quick access to student handbooks, learning materials, quizzes, grades, assignments, library information, schedules, etc. An extensive student website ( provides a school directory with photos; financial aid and tuition information, and other useful information. Students also have on-line access to sites that work along with their textbooks and training for the licensing exam that provide case studies, charts, videos and exam questions that help students learn and evaluate their own learning needs.


Ready to Apply?

Examinations take place in the computer lab at our state of the art facility at Unicorn Park.