Tuition Policies

Billing Schedule
Students will be billed for tuition and fees prior to each semester/summer session in which they are enrolled. The timely payment of tuition and fees is the student’s responsibility. Bills are payable by the due date schedule listed below:

The discharge of all financial obligations is prerequisite to class entry, promotion and graduation. Students will not be considered enrolled in the Program until tuition and fees are received or a payment plan contract is in place.

Students receiving financial aid must pay any remaining balance not covered by financial aid, by the above due dates. Students’ financial aid is not considered final until students have completed all necessary paperwork to ensure disbursement of funds.

**Late accepts to the Program: Students accepted after the published semester bill due dates, will be given two (2) weeks to make their payment or payment plan arrangements.

Delinquent Accounts/Bursar Holds
Any student that has not satisfied their financial obligations to the Program will have a Bursar hold placed on their account, which may have the following consequences:
• Grades, transcripts and diplomas will be withheld
• Blocked from future course registration
• Assessed a late fee
• Dropped from class and/or clinical
• Be referred to a collections agency. The student may be liable for the outstanding balance, collection costs, and any legal fees incurred by the Program during the collection process. LM/RC has the right to report accounts placed with collections agencies to the credit bureaus.

Return Check Fee:
The return of a check (electronic or paper) issued to Lawrence Memorial/Regis College will result in a $25.00 returned check fee being placed on the account of the student on whose behalf the check was presented for each returned check, no matter the reason.

Each account will be allowed two (2) returned checks after which payment by check will not be accepted. This includes returned electronic payments. Written notification on how to resolve the returned check will be sent to the person whose account was affected. A hold will be placed on the account affected until the returned check has been redeemed.

Important Note: A returned check may automatically result in a hold on the account affected, which may preclude participation in any or all of the following activities: further check writing privileges, class registration, receipt of grades, issuing transcripts and/or diplomas.

Returned Check Payment Methods
1. Cash: Pay in person at the Bursar’s Office. Obtain a cash receipt for your records. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

2. Certified Funds: Make cashier’s check, money order, or other certified funds payable to Lawrence Memorial/Regis College. Include your name, current address and phone number on the face of the check.

3. Deliver in person or mail certified funds to:
Lawrence Memorial/Regis College
Attn: Bursar’s Office
170 Governors Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Withdrawal from Program:
Students have 30 days after withdrawing from the Program to pay any outstanding balance.

Billing disputes:
Discrepancies in your bill should be addressed in writing to the Bursar. Include your name, permanent home billing address, email address, dollar amount in question, and any other information you believe is relevant. If there is a billing problem, pay the undisputed part of the bill to avoid responsibility for any late fees or financial holds. Disputes must be made within two (2) months of the final date of the semester charges being disputed.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Tuition and selected other fees are refundable according to the following conditions.

No refunds allowed after 5th week or before the student has completed all obligations including the return of all library books; receipt of all required transcripts; all financial obligations are met; financial aid exit interview completed and student ID badge returned. The student who is withdrawing/withdrawn must obtain required signatures on the Program Exit Form demonstrating all obligations have been met.

The Weston Campus Residence Fee is refundable according to the above schedule for each semester.

The following fees are non-refundable:

Background Check fee
Validation Testing

The program pin, graduation, and NCLEX-RN or Registry Review Course fees are refundable only for students who do not complete the program.

Non-nursing/non-radiography courses are required unless equivalent courses have been taken and exemptions granted.

Students are required to purchase uniforms from McGill’s, Inc., Manchester, NH, before entrance at a cost of approximately $125. Accessory items, including stethoscopes, watch, scissors and nurses’ shoes may be purchased through McGill’s or another store.

Students order texts either online or directly from a suggested textbook distributor. Books for non-nursing/non-radiography courses are purchased separately at the Regis College Bookstore, Weston campus.

Students are required to be covered by a health insurance plan and are enrolled in the Regis College plan unless proof of comparable insurance coverage is provided to the Bursar.

Meals may be purchased on both campuses and at most clinical sites. Students are expected to make provisions for their own meals when scheduled for learning experiences away from the school.

Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Financial Aid

If you wish to apply for Financial Aid for please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please remember to use Lawrence Memorial/Regis College’s school code (006331); note this is a different school code than Regis College