Payment Options

Funding your LM/RC education

You can fund your Lawrence Memorial/Regis College education different ways:

  • Out-of-pocket (in full each billing cycle or via a monthly payment plan)
  • Financial aid (if unable to pay the entire cost out-of-pocket, go to and complete the FAFSA)
  • Private loans
  • A combination of out-of-pocket, financial aid, and private loans

To explore what combination of funding sources might work best for you, please contact:

LM/RC Bursar
781 306-6650

Payment options

  • By mail – Mail a check to Bursar, LM/RC, 170 Governors Ave, Medford, MA 02155.To prevent loss through the criminal activity of “mailbox fishing,” please drop your envelope in a secure post office mailbox (single slot with metal teeth) or go inside the post office and hand your envelope directly to the the counter attendant.
  • In person – During business hours, please visit LM/RC and hand your form of payment (cash, check or debit/credit card) directly to a member of the Student Services Team in the Hallway of Help.
  • By debit/credit card – Please go to and click “Pay My Bill”.  Have your student ID # on hand.

Monthly Payment Plan & Fees

LM/RC offers a monthly payment plan during the Fall and Spring semesters, administered by the Bursar.

  • You must enroll in the payment plan each semester.
  • Payment Plan Fees:
    • $50 Payment Plan Service Fee (PP fee) charged  and must be paid at enrollment
    • $50 late fee charged first time a payment is late, $100 fee charged second time payment is late.  Third time payment is late, you may not enroll again in the payment plan and all future payments are due in full by the due date.

Private Educational Loans/PLUS Loan

We recommend you first apply for financial aid and borrow with federal student loans.   If you exhaust your Federal Stafford Loan eligibility, you can look to private education loans.  LM/RC does not endorse any individual lender.

For more information:  Visit and/or contact the LM/RC Financial Aid Administrator.