RN to Bachelors of Science (BS)

Pathway I

Pathway I is for LM/RC students and graduates who have a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree and is comprised of three (3) upper division-nursing courses:

  • NU 304 Health Assessment
  • NU 321 or NU 402
  • NU 403 Evidence for Clinical Practice
  • *NU 510 Community-Based Nursing
  • NU404, Concepts and Challenges in Professional Practice, is required for graduates who did not complete either ID 211 or NU404 as a 3-credit course.
  • * RN Licensure Required for NU510

The BS completion course descriptions are identified below:

NU 304 Health Assessment in Nursing (3 cr.)

This course teaches the student to assess the health status of clients of any age in any setting. Students incorporate knowledge attained in the prerequisite courses.

NU 403 Evidence for Nursing Practice (3 cr.)

This course focuses on the translation of current evidence into nursing practice, including the identification of practice issues, appraisal and integration of evidence, and the evaluation of outcomes (AACN, 2008).

NU 404 Concepts and Challenges in Professional Practice (3 cr.)

An introductory course for the registered nurse to explore the role of the professional nurse in the ever-changing health care system with a view to empowering and solidifying that role.

NU 510 Community-Based Nursing (6 cr.)

The role of the professional nursing I the primary level of health care is explored.

Upon completion, students may continue to the Masters of Science in Nursing for one of the following programs: Nurse Practitioner (Family, Women’s Health, Pediatric, Psych-Mental Health, Adult-Geriatric)

Clinical Nurse Specialist; Nursing Leadership-NL/Health Administration, NL/Regulatory & Clinical Research Management; NL/Health Informatics, NL/Health Policy

Pathway II

Pathway II is for LM/RC students and graduates who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree. Students would come to Regis College with 73 credits. Students would need to complete the following additions courses to meet the core requirements of Regis College and graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree:

Core Regis nursing courses:

  • NU 304 Health Assessment (3 credits)
  • NU 403 Evidence for Clinical Practice (3 credits)
  • NU 321 Nursing Care of the Ageing Adult (3 Credits)
  • NU 402 Nursing Informatics (3 Credits)
  • NU 510 Community based nursing (6 credits)

Subtotal 106 credits

Admission Facts/Qualifications

  • Pathway 1 (only): Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in another field.
  • GPA of 3.0 or better. A student with a GPA less than 3.0 must achieve a grade of B or better in the first two nursing courses.
  • Courses offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions.
  • All nursing courses are held on the LM/RC campus in Medford, MA

Students interested in the RN to BSN bridge program should meet with Hillary Dandurant, Admissions/Academic advisor to receive an individualized curriculum map, review admissions process, and program details. Please note* additional core education classes may be needed to complete 120 credits, which would be evaluated during an admissions appointment.

Hillary Dandurant, M.Ed
Admissions/Academic Advisor
(339) 222-7802
Hillary is on the LMRC campus every Thursday.

Ready to Apply?

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