Faculty and Staff

Vice President for Education
Director, Student & Alumni Services
Course Coordinator; Assistant Professor, NU101EW
Assistant Professor NU102 EW
Assistant Professor, NU202D
Assistant Professor, NU101 EW
Assistant Professor NU102 EW
Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201 Days
Assistant Professor NU101 EW
Adjunct Faculty NU101EW
Nursing Arts Laboratories and Clinical Placement Coordinator; Adjunct Faculty NU404
Assistant Prfoessor, NU101D
Assistant Professor NU101 Days
Adjunct Faculty NU102EW
Nursing Laboratories Instructor
Assistant Professor NU202EW
Coordinator, Center for Academic Support
Assistant Professor NU201D
Assistant Professor NU202D
Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201EW
Assistant Professor NU101EW; Student Org Advisor
Associate Director, Course Coordinator, Associate Professor, NU202 EW
Assistant Professor; NU 202E/W
Administrative Secretary
Assistant Professor, NU101D Course Coordinator
Associate Director; Assistant Professor
Radiography Program Director
Radiography Clinical Coordinator
102 Days Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor NU101D
Financial Aid Administrator