Faculty and Staff

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Beth Campbell, MSN, RN

Nursing Arts Laboratories and Clinical Placement Coordinator; Adjunct Faculty NU404

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Bradley White, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU202 D

C. Jean Clark, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU202D

Colleen M. Walsh, MBA

Director, Student & Alumni Services

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Corinne Fiory-Eanes, MSN, RN, PT, CNE

Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU102EW

Deb Cremens MSN, CEN, RN

Assistant Professor NU101 Days

Elizabeth Brown, MSN, RN

Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201 Days

Erica Loperfido, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU201D

Fabiola Lalande, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU102D

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Financial Aid Administrator

Financial Aid Administrator

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Gretchen Forsley

Assistant Professor NU202D

Janine Hancock McGrath, MSN, RN

Course Coordinator, Assistant Professor NU101EW;

Jennifer Wallace, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU201EW

Jeremy Schall, MSN, RN

Course Lead/Assistant Professor; NU 202EW

Jill Kondel, BS

Data Administrator

Joan M. Beauchamp, DNP, RN

Coordinator, Center for Academic Support

Joyce Oppenheimer, DNP, RN

Associate Director/Course Coordinator/Associate Professor, NU202D

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Judy Moffatt

Assistant Professor NU102EW

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Judy Orvis, MSN, RN-BC

Assistant Professor, NU202EW

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Karen Sawyer

Media Specialist

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Katherine (Katie) Klucevsek

Enrollment Advisor/Registrar

Katherine Goudreau, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor NU101D

Kayla Gallagher

Assistant Professor NU101EW

Kelly McFarland, BS

Health Records Coordinator & Executive Assistant to the VP for Education

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Kristen Decost

Assistant Professor NU102EW

Linda Rollins, BSN, RN

Assistant Professor, NU101 D

Linda Tedesco, MS, CNS, RN

Assistant Professor, NU101D Course Coordinator

Lisa McBride

Assistant Professor NU102D

Lisa Walsh, MSN, RN

Course Lead/Assistant Professor, NU202D; Student Org Advisor

Mary Lou Kelleher

Assistant Professor NU201EW

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Mary Naugler MSN, RN

Assistant Professor, NU201D

Mary Zentis, MSN, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, RLC

Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201EW

Nainita Soni, MSN, RN-BC

Coordinator, Lab and Simulation

Nancy Bittner, PhD, RN

Vice President for Education

Nicole Sorrentino, BS, RT (R)

Radiography Clinical Coordinator

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Nicolette Pinnock, M.B.M

Financial Aid Administrator

Ruth Lackie

Assistant Professor NU201EW

Sandra Thirkell, MSN, RN

102 Days Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor

Tom Gunning, MSN, RN

Adjunct Faculty NU202EW

Vicki Gamez, MSN, RN

Associate Director/Course Coordinator/Associate Professor NU202 EW

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