Faculty and Staff

Vice President for Education
Director, Student & Alumni Services
Course Coordinator; Assistant Professor, NU101EW
Assistant Professor NU102 EW
Assistant Professor, NU202D; Student Org Advisor
Assistant Professor, NU101 D
Assistant Professor NU102 EW
Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201 Days
Assistant Professor NU101 D
Adjunct Faculty NU101EW
Nursing Arts Laboratories and Clinical Placement Coordinator; Adjunct Faculty NU404
Assistant Professor, Per Diem
Assistant Professor NU101 Days
Adjunct Faculty NU102EW
Assistant Professor NU202EW
Coordinator, Center for Academic Support
Assistant Professor NU201D
Assistant Professor NU202D
Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor NU201EW
Associate Director, Course Coordinator, Associate Professor, NU202 EW
Assistant Professor; NU 202E/W
Administrative Secretary
Assistant Professor, NU101D Course Coordinator
Associate Director; Assistant Professor
Radiography Clinical Coordinator
102 Days Course Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor NU101D